Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Unbound Conference

If you have been wanting to educate yourself on all things Human Trafficking, I have the Conference for you. I encourage you to attend the UNBOUND Conference in Seattle on May 8th and 9th. There will be a number of great speakers and this is the perfect chance to educate yourself on what is going on and how you can help.

SIGN UP TODAY by clicking on THIS LINK.

(Plus, the founder of Women of Purpose, Coleen Grove, is one of the speakers!! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tee Off eBay Auction is…LIVE!


The Eastside Women of Purpose's 2009 "Tee Off Against Trafficking" Online Auction is now LIVE on eBay!
If you aren't a golfer but have been looking for a practical way to get involved with this cause, check it out and place a BID!
We have a TON of AMAZING items this year, and you DON'T want to miss out!

100% of the proceeds go towards the fight to STOP Human Trafficking throughout SE Asia. By slowing trafficking in SE Asia, we drastically reduce the number of children and women trafficked into the US.

Now how is that for smart shopping?!?!

Just click HERE to start BIDDING and CHANGE LIVES!

For more information about our cause, click HERE

(If you win an eBay Auction Item, please consider all money bid over the value of the item tax deductible.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

22yr. old is a mother to Nepali orphans

During a recent blog lurking session I stumbled upon the blog of Maggie Doyne. She runs an orphange in Nepal and she's only 22. I read through some of her posts, and I'm blown away by the selflessness and bravery of this young American girl. You can read about Maggie here and while you're there look around her blog, too.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Setback for Afghan Women

We all remember the stories that emerged soon after the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was removed from power. Women forced to wear burqas, unable to leave their homes unless escorted by a male relative. Women denied basic health care, even anesthetic for c-sections. Young girls forbidden to attend school.

Conversely, a photographic essay published a year after US troops came to Afghanistan loudly intimated, "THESE WOMEN ARE NOW FREE." I distinctly remember seeing photographs of Afghan women wearing high heals and makeup in TIME magazine. Somehow, the spikes and eye shadow were supposed to convince the world that equal rights had arrived to the country.

Today's news, then, was nothing short of distressing. Today, a law was passed in Afghanistan that gives husbands express permission to essentially rape their wives. Consent on the part of the wife was deemed unnecessary. Originally crafted to give the Shiite community it's own freedoms and identity, the clause on permissible, state sanctioned rape is drawing international scrutiny.

You can read the article here.

President Obama has called the law "abhorrent." E-mail him here to express your own abhorrence and support of the US governments intense opposition to this law.