Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some Local News and Ways to Take Action

Please take a few minutes to look through the local actions that you can take RIGHT NOW. These are from a Eastside Women of Purpose member named Andrea. Thanks Andrea!

Tronie foundation event on October 25th
On October 25th, we have a wonderful opportunity to show our support for the Tronie Foundation by participating in an event titled "Partnering Together to Change Lives". The Tronie Foundation in partnership with Northwest Family Life is planning on opening an office together in Seattle and hopefully in the not too distant future, opening another shelter for rescued trafficked survivors. Proceeds from this October 25th event will help pay for the expenses of opening this new office in the Northgate Mall area.

The event takes place on Saturday, October 25th from 11:00am-2:00pm. at the Space Needle Restaurant. The Master of Ceremonies is Deborah Horne, reporter and producer for KIRO 7 news. The guest speaker is Rani Hong, founder of the Tronie Foundation and survivor of human trafficking.

Tickets for the event cost $35.00(includes lunch) and can be purchased from the website,

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is up for revision! This is an act that helps assist victims of human trafficking. The TVPA needs to be revised every two years. It has already passed in the house but is currently stalled in the senate. The house passed it with only two representatives not voting for it. The senate is currently having an issue coming to an agreement on two parts of the bill. The goal that we as abolitionists have is to have it pass through the senate with unanimity during the lame duck session. If it does not pass during this time, we will have to start all over after the elections. This would be a huge set back. Please urge your senator to pass this bill! If you live in Washington our senators are Patty Murray (D), her phone number is (206) 553-5545 and Maria Cantwell (D) her phone number is (206) 220-6400. When you call simply say I am calling regarding the TVPA, I would like to let the senator know that I would like this bill to pass during the lame duck session. I would also like to her encourage her to co sponsor the bill. Thank you. The staff answering the phone won't ask questions, their job is to just record the message. Not For Sale was in DC the other week lobbying them on this issue, by calling you are just helping to reinforce this. Thank you!

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