Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now What Do I Do?

Learning about human trafficking can be a disheartening experience. I often find myself immobilized by sadness and a feeling of helplessness in the face of the issue. Knowing that I can make a difference and that amazing people and organizations are doing so already restores my hope. God is at work fighting human trafficking and here is how you, his greatest instrument of change, can join that fight in practical ways.

Educate Yourself:
1) Read websites, books, and articles that will help you learn more. Some suggestions include,,,,; Terrify No More (Gary Haugen) and Not for Sale (David Bastone).
2) Host a movie night for friends and neighbors and watch a movie on the issue. Check out Human Trafficking, Not for Sale, or Taken. Trade also provides an accurate portrayal of the issue, though it is slightly more graphic and suitable only for mature audiences.
3) Participate in a local exposure experience. Contact for details.
4) Bing or Google "Human Trafficking" and start reading.

Advocate for the Cause:
1) Use your gifts as a blogger and writer to help out with this site. Contact Or, write about the issue on your personal blog.
2) Host a jewelry party with Freedom Stones! Raise awareness and funds for recovering women seeking to support themselves. Contact
3) Continue tithing and giving. For those who attend OCC, 10% of your tithe goes towards Serve the World (STW) Projects, including supporting those working in this cause. Prayerfully consider how you can craigslist, garage sale, or part-time work your way to a giving goal toward projects that stop human trafficking. Opportunities to give through EWOP and OCC projects are available. Contact for more information.
4) Start talking to other people. Use our 3 primary fund raisers to invite friends, neighbors, and family to engage in the cause. Sell microloan cards at Christmas, promote Pictures for a Purpose with neighbors, friends, and your kids' school. Ask businesses you frequent to be a sponsor at the Tee Off Against Trafficking Golf Tournament. Use your sphere of influence to make a difference!
5) Book a photo session for your child at Pictures for a Purpose, happening Saturday, October 10. All sitting fees and a percentage of picture sales are donated to prevention and education causes. Or, volunteer to help out with the event. Contact

Participate in Serving:
1) Make changes in your lifestyle. Use fair trade coffee and chocolate. Find brands that support sustainability and community development in the countries where their products are produced.
2) Invest your time in the serving core of EWOP. Use your gifts and experiences to help. Contact
3) Volunteer at one of our fundraisers. Be part of the task force team that helps promote and execute the events.
4) Consider going international to see and share about the issue. The 7-day March 2010 trip to Thailand is being planned. Contact
5) Prayerfully consider how God might want to use your SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart [passions], abilities, personality, and experiences) to impact the cause. Need a conversation? Contact
6) Pray! God's power is the best tool to fight this issue and His justice prevails. Make it a daily habit to think about the at-risk children and women who are most vulnerable.

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