Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Call and Response

Dear Freedom Fighter,

I know we have not spoken in a while. My bad. It’s not for lack of interest. The last six months have been incredibly busy, and transformative, for Call+Response. The C+R team has been working very hard on our next season of activism, and we’re excited to share it with you.
For the past six months we have been designing the launch of our DVD Screening Kits. If all we cared about was our film and not the impact it can have, we would have released the DVD a long time ago. But this film has always been about the audience, the community, the people….the RESPONSE. It was made to be a tool for the movement, and this tool is about to be placed in your hands.

You have accomplished so much already. Because of you, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been sent to front-line projects and aid groups. Because of you over 50 major companies have signed up on our Chain Store Reaction Corporate Survey. Because of you tens of millions of people on several continents have been exposed to the issue through screenings and media, and all have been given the opportunity to respond.

I have personally met hundreds of people who have seen the film, became inspired and developed their own innovative responses. I am humbled by what I have seen, and excited for what’s to come. In short, WE ARE NOT DONE.

Within a month we will be handing the film off to you. Yes, you. This not a standard DVD release. This is not a popcorn and chardonnay flick. This is a film you SHOW, not just watch. This is a film you USE. Screen the film in your home, your office, dorm room, tree house...anywhere you can get your friends and family together. This is your opportunity to use this film as tool to aware/inspire/activate your community. This is how we make a movement.

In a few weeks we will share more exciting news about our efforts, such as our new re-tooled activist website and iPhone app (launching any day now…nothing like it out there), our partnership with MTV in Australia on a Call+Response campaign (they are currently running spots from the film every hour on their network), and a UK tour of the film. There will be heaps of new tools and new ideas to assist in the fight against slavery, so stay tuned!

I truly hope we can continue our journey with you. If you would rather not hear from us, please unsubscribe below and we won’t contact you again. But I bet you would wonder, “What am I missing out on?” We have so many ways to work together and so much still to do. Please help us leverage our freedom for the freedom of others.

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